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This 0844 Sky telephone number has been provided in order to put you directly in touch with Sky Customer Services. Once there, their helpful customer service operators will happily handle any queries you might have regarding Sky TV, Sky Fibre, Sky Broadband or any of the other fantastic Sky services. All our 0844 Sky telephone numbers cost just 7p per minute plus your phone companies’ access charge. Do note that we are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

We’re committed to offering the best value for money Direct Dial Directory Service in the UK, and as such we use the extremely affordable 0844 telephone numbers. Many of the numbers we list are hard to find in the public domain, so if you’re looking to sign up for Sky TV, move house, take up Sky Broadband or discuss any other matter with the pay-tv giant, get on the telephone and use our fantastic 0844 number.

Alternatively, you can visit the Sky website directly by clicking Sky.

How can I contact Sky by telephone?

Getting in touch with Sky can sometimes feel like a real hassle. The company don’t make it easy for you to find their contact details and when you do find them, you’ll find yourself on an automated telephone service. That’s why we want to cut through all the exhaustion and put you directly in touch with Sky customer services. Our telephone number for Sky is a cost effective and fast phone number that connects you directly to Sky’s customer service department at the very same price as the official number, making it a great deal for you.

As a company, we believe that everybody should have access to these essential Sky customer service contact numbers, and as such we’ve prominently placed this number at the top of the page. Our company ethos also states that these telephone numbers shouldn’t cost the earth, so you can get your service issues sorted out without any hassle and no undue stress on your bank account.

Do note though, if you’re intending to use our telephone service, you should be aged 18 or over and have the bill payers’ permission.

Why contact Sky?

It’s fair to say that there’s countless reasons why a customer might want to get ahold of the Sky phone number. Once you’ve tried to use their customer service page, you’ll agree that it’s far from the most useful resource on the Internet.

Whether it’s because you’d like to upgrade your Sky TV package, require help understanding a bill, find out what’s wrong with your Sky Fibre broadband or, indeed, any other reason, the fastest and simplest method is always getting on the phone to Sky and getting your problem solved directly. It’s a service that the company have offered for years, but their automated services line is far from ideal if you’re in a hurry. That’s why we’ve source only direct lines to the customer services department so you don’t have to sit around pushing buttons trying to get through to a real person.

Top tips for calling Sky.                                                                                            

It’s no secret that when you do get through to Sky’s customer service line you can encounter some problems. Every member of Sky’s customer service team is trained to help you, of course, but they’re also there to try to and sell you more services. That’s great if you rang up to upgrade your Sky TV package, but not so great if you’ve got any other issues.

One of our top tips is regarding cancellation. Typically if you want to cancel your service, Sky TV operators will spend a long time on the phone trying to convince you to stay and offering more competitive deals. If you just want to cancel your subscription, tell Sky you’re moving out of the country. That will get your subscriptions cancelled without any further hassle.

Another tip is to arrive on the Sky TV line with everything you need to hand. If you’re rummaging around looking for documents and slips of paper, you’ll be costing yourself not just time but money too.

What makes Sky TV a great company?

Launched in 1990, the size and shape of Sky has changed on an almost annual basis. From its early days as the product of a merger between Sky Television (owned by Rupert Murdoch) and British Satellite Broadcasting (the first company to get a satellite license for the UK), BskyB lived a somewhat difficult life. Customers weren’t thick on the ground and the infrastructure required to get the UK ready for satellite broadcasting simply wasn’t there, leading to a long cycle of losses for the businesses, at one point losing around £10,000,000 a week.

Sam Chisholm was appointed CEO of Sky TV and significant cuts were made to the business in order to give it a viable shape, slashing employee numbers to less than a thousand and condensing the nine channels it had down to give. One year later, losses were down to £1.5 million a week and in March 1992, the company posted its very first profit. Since then, Sky have grown into Europe’s largest pay-tv company, serving up high quality drama, comedy, movies and sports to over 20 million subscribers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. They even have their own broadband services and home telephone service, along with a soon to be launched mobile telephone network.

This growth has come partly because of their focus on the latest and greatest technologies. In their time, Sky have brought pioneering efforts in 3D Sky TV and HD, and will soon launch a 4K box which will bring unprecedented levels of detail into the homes of millions of people. Indeed, that’s not the only thing which makes Sky TV great, because thanks to their work with the WWF on their sustainable rainforest initiative and the Sky Academy, they’re also helping to make the world a better place.

Those efforts have seen them pick up sustainable business awards in the last few years, proving that Sky is indeed a company with a conscience about how it operates. The company have also won awards for their efforts in customer service. Their telephone lines are consistently amongst the most informative and efficient of any of the big pay TV services suppliers and customers are quick to report what a fine service they operate.

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