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How To: Change Sky TV Pin

how to find sky pin

Sky TV is one of the best ways around to entertain your family. From the likes of Disney XD, Nickelodeon and CBBC to dedicated kids film channels like Sky Movies Disney, there's an almost unlimited supply of child friendly entertainment available on Sky. The issue is though, that for every programme and film suitable for children on Sky, there's another 5 that would be completely unsuitable. That's where the Sky PIN comes in, as it blocks out any age restricted programming.

For those without kids, this is nothing but a formality, but for those with them it gives them a huge amount of control over what their kids can and can't watch on the TV, giving them excellent peace of mind. In this, our second 'How To' guide (See: How To Save Money on your Sky Subscription), we'll look at how to find out your Sky pin number and how to change it to your own preference.

If you don't know your Sky TV pin, it's relatively easy to find out what it is. You'll have been automatically assigned a PIN number when you opted for Sky TV. If you don't remember that number, simply find your Sky Viewing Card and look at the number written on it, your PIN will be the last four digits of that card.

If you don't recall your pin, have lost your viewing card and want to alter your Sky TV PIN, there's a simple way to change it.

1) Use your Sky iD and password to sign in to My Sky

2) Enter 'My Sky' and select the 'Change your PIN' option

3) Choose your new four digit PIN and enter it into the 'Enter the new PIN' field on the website

4) Type the new PIN in again in the 'Confirm new PIN' field

5) Click the 'Update PIN' button

With that, your new PIN will be set and you'll be ready to start setting parental controls for your kids. Remember though, the PIN you choose should neither be easy to guess or the same as a PIN you have elsewhere (for bank cards and the like). Giving out your PIN can also be pretty dangerous, so make sure that if you're unlocking the TV for a child that you do it yourself, rather than giving the pin to them.

And with that, you have all the information you need to either find your pin or change it to something else.

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