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How to Move Your Sky Subscription to a New House

moving sky subscription to new house

Moving home can be a tremendously exciting and stressful time, but getting set up and getting comfortable is the primary objective. Part of that ‘comfort’ process is getting things like utilities, broadband and Sky sorted so you can return to normality as quickly as possible. In this guide we’ll answer all the questions you have about moving your Sky subscription to a new house.

How long is the notice period I have to give Sky?

You’re required to tender at least 2 weeks’ notice to give Sky the requisite time to transfer the services to the new address. You can even book the Home Move in advance of around 90 days. Get in touch with the contact number for Sky TV and tell them of your intention to move house and they'll happily help you.

What is the cost of booking my Home Move?

You’re required to make a single time up-front payment, in case if you wish for a Sky engineer to install your SKY TV at the new address. And there’d be additional cost if you wish for a non-standard or specific installation.

What’s the difference between standard and non-standard installations?

Standard installation involves:

  • Your Sky Dish and Sky box (or boxes) installation.
  • Proper cables aligning inside as well as outside your home.
  • Attaching boxes with a standard master phone-socket.

And a non-standard installation usually involves:

  • Problem in accessing your dish location.
  • Cables cover ups issues.
  • Additional cable installation in order to link to a shared system for e.g. entire building.

Will everything work immediately?

Your Sky TV box will work after it’s plugged in and connected up to your Sky dish and Sky Broadband and Talk will work from the day you told Sky you’d be moving house.

Will my phone number change?

Sky cannot ensure that your phone number won’t change when you move house, and the likelihood is that your home phone number will change for your new home.

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