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How To: Save Money on Your Sky Subscription

Save money sky

Nobody likes having to spend their hard earned money. In an ideal world, we'd earn enough to put some away for a rainy day, but between the heating, eating and mortgage, we don't usually end up with a lot left over. Of course, then come the little add ons that we don't think about - meals out, the cost of cinema tickets, new school uniforms, and, of course, Sky TV. For millions of households across the country, Sky is a part of everyday life. Whether you just take their entertainment channels or are signed up to the full 3D, HD, Sky Sports and Sky Movies, Sky can be hard to let go of.

What does often rankle though is the sheer cost of the service. It can quickly rack up, and those taking the full suite of Sky products can end up paying £1413 over the course of their 18 month contract. That's a pretty brutal cost to those on middle and lower incomes, and has driven many to seek out ways to save money on your Sky subscription. It's not an easy task, but there is one way to go about it.

Firstly, it should be noted that you can't attempt this method if you're still in your 18 month contract, as it requires that you threaten to leave the service and you can't leave during the 18 month contract. Secondly, this method may not work for you, so we urge caution as you go about it.

Put simply, you're going to ask to leave so that they try to keep you. Those on larger packages (more than the basic entertainment package) will be extremely valuable customers to Sky, and they'll do what they can to keep them. Call the Sky phone number and get through to a customer service operator, which, admittedly, might take a little while. When you do get through, tell them that you're looking to cancel your Sky subscription, and when they ask you why, tell that that you can't afford to keep the packages as is.

From Sky's point of view, they'd rather you paid half price for Sky Sports rather than knocking it off your bill entirely, so at this point they will usually offer you a deal to keep you with the company. Customers have reported all sorts of enticing deals, but be warned, if you take one of these deals you'll be locked in to another 18 month contract, so this is really just for those that wish to continue with Sky.

Keep in mind then that you may not get a better offer than your old one, and if so, it's not difficult just to tell them you need more time to think about it. If you do get a better offer though, you'll be paying less each month and helping to put those extra pounds back in the bank where they belong.

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