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How To: Speed Up Slow Sky Broadband


Without a doubt, the Internet has changed the way we make and do things. What was once read in the library or communicated down the phone is now done wirelessly, through an interconnected web of servers and computers. It's nothing short of miraculous, though it's not without its own problems. Given that we now spend much of our working day and leisure time using at least some aspects of the Internet, having to deal with slow speeds can be a massive source of frustration. Something as simple as checking the cooking times on a meal or reading the news can become an agonising series of waits, so what can be done about it?

In this 'How To' guide, we'll be looking at ways to speed up slow download speeds with Sky Broadband. It's the latest in our series, which found us discovering how to fix Sky Go access on your browser last time. So, join us as we get your Internet back to fighting fitness.

Before anything else though, it's worth noting that if you've just had your Sky broadband service installed over the last 10 days, you should just wait and see. Sky Broadband lock their download speeds at a slow rate for the first few days of your subscription to ensure that your connection is stable, before lifting the cap and letting your Internet loose. As such, if you're within these first days, just wait it out. If you're still getting slow speeds a week down the line, follow the rest of this guide.

Your first step should be to verify your phone line is working. Doing this is simple, if you can hear a beep or dial tone then your phone line is functioning properly. If it is, then we can move on. If it isn't, consider contacting your phone line provider for a repair.

Now, follow these steps:

1) Unplug your wireless router from the wall and let it power down

2) Find the microfilter. The microfilter is the little white box attached with a phone connector or lead, and will have been supplied along with the router.

3) Unplug the microfilter from the phone socket

4) Wait 20 seconds and replug the microfilter back into the phone line, ensuring that it is properly inserted.

5) Plug your router back in and wait for it to fully power up again

Your Internet should now be fully rebooted, and hopefully back to full speed. If not, we would suggest getting in touch with Sky customer service and asking them to test the network speeds at their end to see if they can identify your problem. Chances are they'll spot something wrong down the line and fix the problem with you over the phone.

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