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How To Turn on Audio Descriptions for Sky

how to turn audio descriptions on sky

In the UK there are around 365,000 people who are registered as blind or with severe eyesight problems and it’s only right that they should expect a normal life and access to the kinds of entertainment that everyone else is. Sky provide audio descriptions for around 30% of their programming, with the exceptions being Sky Sports and Sky News, which already have a high quantity of descriptive audio. That's great news for those with eyesight problems, but it doesn't exactly help us turn them on. So, before you call the Sky customer phone number, read this guide:

Turning on audio descriptions during a TV programme is achieved thusly:

  • Press the 'Help' Button on your Sky+ remote control
  • Locate the 'Audio Descriptions' tab and use the left/right arrows on your remote control to turn the setting ON
  • Press 'Select' to continue

That will switch audio descriptions on temporarily until you change channel, to turn on audio descriptions permanently follow these instructions.

If your box is made by Sky, follow these instructions

  • Press the 'Services' button on your remote control to see the Options menu
  • Press the down button to highlight 'Accessibility', select it
  • Press the down button to highlight 'Audio Description', select it
  • Use the left/right arrows to turn the setting ON
  • Press the down arrow to reach 'Highlight Programmes with Accessibility'
  • Use the left/right arrows to change the setting to AUDIO DESC
  • Press the green button on your Sky remote to save your settings

With these settings changed, you or your loved one can get back to enjoying some of the best TV around, along with audio descriptions which help those with eyesight problems get into the drama too. These are the channels that Sky currently operate audio descriptions on:

  • Sky One
  • Sky Sports 1
  • Sky Sports 2
  • Sky Movies Family
  • Sky Two
  • Sky Sports 3
  • Sky Sports 4
  • Sky Showcase (previously Screen 1)
  • Sky Movies Comedy
  • Sky Movies SciFi/Horror
  • Pick TV (formerly Sky Three)
  • Sky Movies Action
  • Sky Movies Classics
  • Sky Movies Modern Greats
  • Sky Movies Drama/Rom
  • Sky Movies Premiere
  • Sky Thriller (Formerly Sky Movies Crime/Thriller)
  • Challenge
  • Sky Living (formerly Living)
  • Sky Livingit (formerly Livingit)

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  1. Adonica - Reply    May 07 ,2016  

    Ya learn soeihtmng new everyday. It\'s true I guess!

  2. Delores - Reply    May 08 ,2016  

    Me he reído mucho con tu artículo. Pero te equivocas en un punto: Arjona no es medio puto, es puto declarado; si no lo crees, observa sus ojitos enerñadooss de la foto... Odio sus canciones, son hórridas; cree que hace metáforas y lo que le sale son sapos y serpientes por la boca. Es increíble que sea el \"filósofo\" de Televisa. En ese nivel cognoscitivo estamos.

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