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How To: Watch Sky Around Your Home

Sky in other rooms

Having a Sky subscription is a pretty fantastic thing. It opens up a world of entertainment, from the huge name American programmes like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Girls and Hannibal to home grown content like Stella, Moone Boy, The Enfield Haunting and Fortitude. Put simply, it's great being a Sky subscriber at the moment. The trouble is though, being tied down to just one room in your house can be pretty frustrating, especially if your TV is often dominated by family members pursuing their own interests. In this age of multi-screen homes, surely it only makes sense that your Sky subscription can follow you around your home, letting you watch it anywhere, right?

In this guide, we'll look at the ways you can watch Sky TV around your home. Last time, we found out how to get Sky 3D content working with your TV, so join us as we explore your options for a multi-room idyl within your own home.

Your first and strongest option is that of Sky Multiroom. The service was launched a number of years ago from Sky, as they realised that with the cost of TVs plummeting, more and more people would begin to desire Sky TV in those other rooms too. Thus, Sky Multiroom was born. In the old days (Pre 17th of December, 2013) you needed a phone line to connect up the boxes in your house, but now they're both wirelessly tethered to each other. So what does a Sky Multiroom subscription do?

On top of your current Sky subscription, Sky Multiroom costs an extra £11.25 per month with any Sky TV bundle. For that price, you also get a free Sky HD Multiroom box, which sits under your other TV and acts as a sort of deputy Sky box to your main one. That means that whilst you don't get the live pause features or the ability to record on your secondary box, you do get all your Sky channels, a 7 day guide, reminders and full HD and 3D, should you choose to take it.

It's the perfect secondary box for your home, and it comes with Sky Go Extra, which allows you to stream certain Sky TV channels from your games console. It's nowhere near as comprehensive as the full TV experience you get with your Multiroom box, but it does ease the pain of an unconnected TV in your home.

Your other option is just to go straight for Sky Go Extra. All Sky subscriptions get Sky Go for free, to stream to things like tablets and phones, but if you want to stream to a games console, you'll need the Extra service. Sky TV customers get a two month free trial with the service, and it's then £5 per month on top of their subscription after that. As a bonus feature, Sky Go Extra lets you download TV programmes and movies to enjoy when you don't have an Internet connection.

And those, my friend, are your options. Sky Multiroom is the most comprehensive option by a long way, offering a carbon copy of the channels you enjoy through your regular Sky+ box, whilst Sky Go Extra offers a sliver of the content at a sliver of the price.

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