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New Sky Sports Ad Takes Thierry Henry Back in Time

new season advert

Sky Sports, over the years, has been home to some of the most electrifying moments in footballing history. Over that time, the Premier League has become known as the home of football and probably the best league in the world. Sky know this more than anyone else, and in celebration of the legendary league they've launched a new advertising campaign which places Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and present Sky Sports pundit in the scenes of some of British footballs most famous moments. Using groundbreaking special effects, Thierry finds himself in a series of iconic moments.

The advert has been launched on Facebook and sees Thierry in 13 defining moments, starting in 1993 as he joins in the celebrations of Brian Kidd and Sir Alex Ferguson as their late win over Sheffield Wednesday set them on course for a first Premier League title for Manchester United. It's followed by Stan Collymore's goal against Newcastle and then Tony Yeboah's thunderous strike against Wimbledon, where Thierry stands under the sticks watching it shake the stadium with its sheer power. It's been 23 seasons of the Premier League now, and Thierry is placed in them through the use of incredible cutting edge technology, ending with him watching Chelsea lift the 2014/2015 Premier League trophy.

The advert took more than five months to create, and a key part of its creation was in replicating the cameras and lenses used in the original footage across the 23 years of Sky Sports coverage. Post-production then took the footage and reshaped both space and time to give Thierry a walk through some of footballing histories very finest moments.

Global football icon and Sky Sports analyst Thierry Henry said: “Both as a player and now working for Sky Sports, I know what makes the Premier League the best league in the world and this advert helps explain why. It was a fascinating process to be part of, very technical with the effects used to take me back to those memorable moments.

"Every detail was accounted for, the advertising boards, the old kits, the old ball from Cantona's goal against Sunderland. Sky Sports has been the home of this history from the start and I'm looking forward to seeing more great moments this season."

Gary Hughes, Head of Football at Sky Sports, said: “Sky Sports is synonymous with the Premier League, we have been there from the beginning and brought viewers countless unforgettable moments from the greatest league in the world. Thierry going back and celebrating a few of those special moments will only make everyone more excited for the season ahead.”

Andy Fowler, founder and ECD of Brothers and Sisters adds, “It is a sports-fan’s dream to delve into Sky’s extensive catalogue of footage since 1992 of Premier League matches to make this film. So many great stories have been told around football, but here we have the chance to illustrate why this is the best league in the world.”

It's a fantastic advert, and seeks to highlight the upcoming season of Premier League football, which will see Chelsea defending their status as Champions. It's not just live football that Sky are dabbling in though, because a new sitcom called Rovers will take us inside a lower league local football side on Sky.

This new season will see 116 games from the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League season, 112 games from the Football League, action from the Capital One Cup and over 30 SPL games. All in all, Sky Sports is the place to be for the moments that matter, and that's what this advert shows. Enjoy the advert at the Sky Sports facebook page.

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  1. Kalev - Reply    September 12 ,2015  

    So much info in so few words. Toltsoy could learn a lot.

  2. Eve - Reply    May 07 ,2016  

    Thanks for the pragmatic approach and clear description of how complex substantive change really is. Thx, too, for the STOP sign at the big sinkhole: we crash if we follow the “3 steps to far2#ie&u8l21; that you describe. (thx for appearance in class, too).[]

  3. Nelia - Reply    May 08 ,2016  

    If there is a hidden camera, could I have my image in soft focus, please. Scotland has a fascinating history, nearly always forcing the Scots to live in &#te26;in8er1sting times’ so let’s not line up to travel backwards in time. Or forwards, might not be soothing to find our own graves. Who wants to know exactly where and when! I prefer it to be a surprise. Oops, makes a great last word.

  4. Genevieve - Reply    May 08 ,2016  

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