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Sky Add Wi-Fi To +HD and +HD2TB Boxes

Sky Add WiFi

Sky News Update: Sky’s +HD and +HD 2TB boxes will now include Wi-Fi so their customers can instantly catch-up with programmes through their set top boxes. Currently, when Sky customers want to catch-up with their favourite television shows through their Sky boxes they have to use an Ethernet cable to connect the set top box to the wireless router. This is a hassle and customers are left needing to organise their entertainment systems around the proximity of the Sky box to the router. Now the Sky+HD and +HD 2TB boxes will include Wi-Fi so customers can tune their Sky box into their home wireless service and receive instant access to the array of movies and television shows that Sky offer. The ability to watch what we want, when we want is something that has been proven to be very popular and the ratings reflect this. With the development of technology and the options that Sky+ offer customer can already manipulate television schedules around their lives by instructing their Sky+ box to record whole series of shows at the touch of a button. By taking this one step further and giving customers the power to watch television over the internet, through their television whenever it is most convenient for them is a real luxury and so making the move to the streaming television in this way without an Ethernet cable is another step towards Sky dominating the market even more than they already are. With more than six million downloads each week and just short of three million subscribers to their On Demand service, the service has already proven to be popular so it is likely that this new move will just move Sky from strength to strength. News from Sky has also come with the extra bonus of 20 new channels being added to their On Demand service. Some of these, which are scheduled to be added before the year is out, include Dave, Gold, Cartoon Network and Discovery. If you are interested in entering into a contract with Sky so that you can receive any of the products or services mentioned in this article, contact Sky directly using the phone number provided on this link http://www.skyphonenumber.com//. Sky are a company dedicated to offering the best service possible and this spans across their old products as well as their new so if you have any questions or problems, just call the customer services department and speak with an advisor.

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  1. Bishnu - Reply    September 11 ,2015  

    i had saw the whole interview... and i still dont know the finolwolg point: 1, why she remind us her past experience? Is it she felt that we will give herself a NEW justification or image?!2, Although, this is local culture from TVB, to increase their watching rate, but HK\'s ethic and respect spirit should be still lost from this kind of artists?3, Finally, lets focus on international economy much useful than the current international joke (especially great china)... nowaday HK should be self- motivate, and cooperate together its will be the only way go out of the current risk...we are hongkongese and live in hong kong we should escape and growth from ourselve. The traditional hongkongese spirit are willing to work hard and enhance each ohter... past ago we do in the future and so on!!

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