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Sky Deutschland Launch Snap Mini-Pay App

Sky Deutschland Snap Mini Pay iPhone iPod

It has been announced that Sky Deutschland are making it possible for customers to use a mini-pay service on the iPhone and iPod devices for buying content.

Sky are notorious worldwide and Sky Deutschland is just one of the many branches of the company; all of the branches offer the same services. Sky are dedicated to delivering the most modern, innovative products for their customers and now Sky Deutschland has announced that their customers will be able to pay for the content they wish to view on their iPhones and iPods through the mini-pay application.

As with many online television services, Sky’s version requires a subscription charge. For Sky Deutschland customers this will be just €4.90 and for those who are non current subscribers the cost is a little higher at €9.90. The joy of this new application is that the television programmes and movies that are accessed and viewed can be shared between Apple devices and the TV.

The app enlists the assistance of the iOS Airplay system and allows for the access to and download of approximately 4000 movies and televisions shows. A very similar system was rolled out in the UK as Sky became acutely aware of the threat that online on demand services such as Netflix and LoveFilm were posing to their television domination.

In addition to the Snap mini-pay app being made available on the iPhone and iPod, it can also be used on the internet and Samsung televisions, with plans to make it available on Samsung Galaxy products soon. This means that whatever platform you choose, you can access all your favourite shows. This is even more beneficial right before the holiday season; you never know what might appear under that Christmas tree!

Sky Deutschland have worked hard on their products and services in order to boost their competitiveness in the market. BSkyB, the umbrella company of Sky in the UK are renowned for making their brand a market-leader and inject cash into a number of channels in order to ensure exclusive rights to certain programmes.

Sky offer the services of telephone and broadband as well as television subscription services so there are lots of possibilities for customers. The best approach to take is to contact Sky directly and speak with a member of their customer services department. All of those working in the department are brimming with knowledge and willing to assist with any enquiry.

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