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Sky Forced to Hand Customer Details Over in Court Ruling

Sky give over customer info

News coming in today that Sky have lost a court battle with a company known as TCYK LLC and will be supplying the company with the personal details of its broadband customers in order for the latter company to seek prosecution over people who pirated films which the rights belong to TCYK LLC. They own the rights to many movies, including the political thriller 'The Company You Keep', and according to the court ruling, they have identified IP addresses of Sky customers who they believe have pirated their property. The request was what's known as a Norwich Pharmacal Order and it obliged Sky to hand over the identities of their subscribers to TCYK LLC.

In an email to their customers, Sky have stressed that is cannot confirm the accuracy of TCYK LLC's claims nor was it in any way involved in the evidence gathering which lead to TCYK LLC beginning their lawsuit. They also said that it's "likely" that TCYK LLC will reach out to the account holders it suspects of piracy. In that email they state "We advise any of our customers who receive a letter from TCYK LLC to read it carefully and if they want any further help to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau". Unfortunately, there isn't a way to tell if your details have been handed over and the people at Sky phonenumber wouldn't know either. If you do receive a letter from this company though, it's best to seek legal advice before responding.

TorrentFreak report that TCYK LLC are what's known as a copyright troll, who purchase rights to films and then monitor file sharing websites in order to launch lawsuits against those who download from them. It's a practice that's increasingly common in the UK, having been very successful in the United States with many companies earning lots of money from the practice, which is only used to extract money from those who either shared or downloaded the films.

Sky suggest that if you do receive a letter from this company, you should read it very closely, stating “We advise you to read the letter from TCYK LLC carefully. It may be that you are not aware of the things that are being claimed: for example, if other people have access to your Internet connection, or simply because you do not recall downloading or sharing the film.”

If you share your internet connection with anybody else and did not authorise them to use your connection to download or share pirated content, it is up to TCYK to identify the person who used the connection by name, or else they have no case. Sky conclude that they cannot help customers via the Sky phone number 0844, but that those affected should speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor.

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