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Sky News Update: Almost-Live Goals On Twitter

Sky Sports Live Goals

Sky news update: Sky Sports develop their sports coverage to include videos of goals embedded in Tweets, allowing almost-live viewing of the football games.

Sky are considered the dominant presence on the sports coverage market as they have the exclusive rights to a large proportion of the matches that are played across a range of sports – football, cricket, rugby, athletics etc. There are very few sports that Sky Sports do not broadcast and one of their major recent acquisitions is F1. This means they now have almost exclusive rights to all the races and this leaves the customer pinned into a corner with regards to viewing the races.

In an attempt to make the competition a little fiercer, BT have recently launched their own sports channel that is covering all of the Premier League matches of the 2013 season. BT’s initial advertising campaign revolved around offering the BT Sport channels for no extra cost to the customer provided they are already involved with BT in terms of receiving their internet service from the company. Sky have been forced to increase their sports coverage to remain the most popular, relevant and most comprehensive broadcaster of sports games.

With the role of social media developing all the time, Sky Sports are making a move to offer everyone whether they are a current customer or not, the chance to see almost-live goals from whatever football match is being played at the time. Currently the idea is just being trialled in relation to football matches but should it prove to be a success, customers may find that Sky Sports roll it out for all sports.

Sky News Update

The idea is that as a match is being played, Sky Sports will use the footage that is already being used to stream it live on their Twitter feed. When a goal is scored, the few second clip will be embedded in a Tweet that is posted almost immediately, therefore everyone can see the goal even if they cannot watch the whole match. The added bonus here is for those who are not currently Sky customers, which is unusual because the company have established a name for themselves that is somewhat elitist.

Anyone, whether they follow Sky Sports on Twitter, buy into the services Sky offer or do neither, they will be able to view the clip. Sky will be using promotional tweets to push their footage and therefore Sky will be drawing attention to themselves and the coverage that they offer, while also providing a service that many people will benefit from and appreciate.

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