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Sky News Update: Apprenticeship with NFTS and Sky

Sky and NTFS offer apprenticeship

Sky news update: The National Film and Television School, more commonly known as the NFTS, has recently collaborated with Sky to form a new partnership.

The National Film and Television School, more commonly known as the NFTS, has recently collaborated with Sky to form a new partnership. This partnership will provide lucky students and/or members of the public with a 12 month diploma course which will focus around up and coming and current Digital Content and Formats.

The program will start early in September 2014. It will take place at two separate locations; these being at the Sky and NFTS workplaces. The students who qualify for the diploma will have top of the range teaching from leading professionals in the industry. Many of these tutors have taken part in co-ordinating some of the best multi-platform projects the UK has seen to date, these shows include: Embarrassing Bodies, Million Pound Drop, Misfits, Got to Dance, The X Factor and The Voice.

At the end of this extensive course, Sky have pledged to accept one member of the graduates and offer them a paid contract, whether or not they accept is up to them however it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The trainees will cover many topics while working under Sky and NFTS. The activities include creating an individual digital project, they will also script, plan and produce extensions to television programmes after working with other students who are studying television, comedy and documentary entertainment. Finally members of the course will learn how to engage audiences with television, films and any other formats that may be relevant.

Sky News Update

This new initiative is technically part of the new Sky Academy which was launched back in early November 2013. The Sky Academy is supposed to inspire the youth of Britain through a range of varied initiatives, the scheme creates opportunities which Britain’s youth do not usually have the opportunity to do and helps develop and support raw talent. If all goes to plan it will have inspired one million people by 2020.

The details for how applicants can apply and qualify for the scholarships are said to be announced at some point during February 2014. Sky has chosen to partner NFTS in this new scheme, who currently offers another diploma scheme on a private, internal level. Their scheme provides training for sound, lighting, vision mixer and camera specialists. These are some of the most sort after skills in the television industry therefore kick starting their students’ careers. NFTS, like Sky, planned to offer one graduate a paid contract after the course, however have recently taken on six new employees who showed incredible talent in their chosen field.

For more information, contact Sky using the information listed on the following link: http://www.skycustomerservice.co/.

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