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Sky News Update: Britons Paying More

Sky More Expensive in UK than anywhere else

Sky news update: It has been discovered that Britons are paying more than most other nations for premium pay-TV packages at £66 per month.

It has been discovered that Britons are paying more than most other nations for premium pay-TV packages. Ofcom has found have the majority of pay-TV customers pay roughly £66 a month for the ‘best offer’ pay-TV subscription services such as Sky.

Best offer premium pay-TV subscription was defined by the content it provided and was narrowed down to mainly the best package of top division football as well as the best package of films and the best package of HD television. On average users pay more than double the amount of the cheapest nation that was surveyed. Britons have multiple options when wanting to watch movies, sports or documentaries. Companies that provide options such as these include: Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

Sky users have one of the widest varieties of programs possible on the pay-TV market. They offer 3D&HD, Sports, Movies, Documentaries, Lifestyle, News, Kids and Entertainment. However for customers to access Sky channels or other platforms channels they will have to pay a lot more than the rest of the continent and the USA. Germany was the cheapest nation to take part in the survey costing only £27 a month for best offer premium pay-TV services.

Sky News Update

Ofcom found that the UK had by far the worst monthly pay out of all the six nations they surveyed. Second highest was Spain where users paid roughly £49 a month. Third was the USA with an average cost of £47. Italy came next at £40 and was followed by France at £35 a month. Germany had the best result at £27 a month.

The figures were collected in July 2013, which happens to be a month before the start of the Premier League. Sky has a new found rivalry with BT, when it comes to pay-TV, mainly down to football. BT has been challenging Sky’s market dominance this season winning Premier League and Champions League rights. Whether this has had an effect on the average price per household is yet to be seen and should occur in next year’s annual survey.

It has been noted, by Ofcom, however that Britons do receive a very good basic pay-TV deal. In the basic category Britons are second only to Italians at a mere £16 a month. British customers also receive a very good deal with major companies such as Virgin Media and Sky. Most premium packages in the UK contain around 410 channels whereas in Germany users receive half of this number.

Cal the Sky contact number for more information on the services offered by the company.

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