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Sky News Update: Election Debates To Be Televised

Sky TV 2015 General Election Debates

Sky news update: In order to create a little more hype around and provide more information for the 2015 General Election, Sky will be televising debates. The idea is to televise three debates spaced two weeks apart during the weeks leading up to the 2015 General Election. David Cameron has recently been involved in a series of debates but he has questioned the timing of these televised debates. He is concerned about the effect the debates will have on the rest of the campaign as he expressed his concern about the three debates that were held in the lead up to the 2010 General Election. He was quoted as saying that the three debates held then “took all the rest of the life out of the campaign”. Adam Boulton from Sky reported this fact but it appears that Sky are determined to go ahead with the plan as they feel it will be beneficial at least to the public – the point Mr Cameron was trying to make was that the debates should perhaps take place prior to the election campaign. All three party leaders have made the commitment to participate in these debates and they have received praise in The Times from the head of Sky News for both their commitment as well as their fore-thought.

Sky News Update

The role of these televised debates could prove invaluable to the respective parties as they will allow for their individual messages to reach more people. One of the main problems often encountered during campaigns such as this is getting the message out to everyone – the attitude that comes hand in hand with elections is often that they do not “reach the little people” as it were. This is precisely what can be avoided by televising the debates. Reaching out to more people should in theory create more of a community and allow for more of an equal voter base. This should encourage more people to respond to the campaigns and then more people will vote which should produce a fairer result. For a large portion of the closing months of the campaign it appeared to be not just the politicians but also the news reporters – BBC, Sky and ITN – all spent more time focussed on the debates in one form or another which detracted from the main campaign. All participants are determined to avoid the same thing happening again this year which is why the debates have been planned with two weeks separating each of them.

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