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Sky News Update: Migration Notifications

Broadband service providers switch

Sky news update: selected BE broadband customers have been receiving the first notifications from Sky, so they can decide if they would like to switch.

These migration notifications explain that they have a month to decide whether or not they wish to stay with the company which has now been acquired by Sky or leave and join another provider. Early this year Sky bought O2's and BE Broadband’s fixed broadband and phone lines for a fee in excess of £180 million. These letters signal the start of transferring hundreds of thousands of customers to Sky’s services, if the customers permit, in small groups. These migration notifications have been sent to the first of the small group of many.

The letters outline how to contact Sky to confirm or decline the move, how the change will work, an outline of the prices users will have to pay each month if they choose to switch and the predicted time period they will have to wait before the switch is made. It appears the switch looks promising for the majority of BE customers who currently have dynamic IP addresses, so the switch to Sky will benefit them. Although not all of the potential customers are happy with the proposed move.

Sky News Update

The major British firm are receiving complaints that the suggested prices exceed what they are already paying for internet. This is made even more frustrated with the time limit of a month to make their decision. This restricted time limit is made even worse by the time of year as everything becomes more and more hectic making clear and calculated decisions even harder.

There has been further confusion over which deals clients are being offered. They were previously promised that Sky would match or better the service they are currently receiving. The most applicable Sky package would be selected and suggested to each individual customer. The package would cover both phone and broadband. The internet and phone provider have also announced that they will offer customers a chance to sign a new minimum contract if they wish to make the move sooner and bag one of Sky’s Christmas deals.

If all things go well Sky will have successfully moved all of the new groups on their services by spring 2014. The first of the groups will be moved by January next year. Things may not be as fast for customers who do not wish to stay with Sky. BTOpenreach engineering terms are usually slowed over the Christmas period. This could potentially slow down the movement of customers of customers who do not wish to stay with Sky.

Contact the Sky customer services team for more information on their broadband packages.

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