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Sky News Update: New Internet Tool

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Sky news update: today, 14th November 2013, Sky have released their latest idea - Sky Broadband Shield. Customers will be able to filter internet searches.

Sky have now launched their latest idea - Sky Broadband Shield. This is a brand new internet protection tool. The new tool will enable family friendly filters to be put in place so that each individual customer can choose which websites their family cannot access. The filters will be operational on all platforms Sky Broadband works on such as games console, phones, computers and tablets.

Every paying broadband customer will have the option to download, install and use the new filters. The filters have been produced by using customer feedback. From the feedback the firm learn that most families worried revolve around ten main groups: the groups include suicide, self-harm, pornography and other issues which could be disturbing to the wrong audience, such as children. When using the filters consumers will be able to ban each category they are concerned about with a click of a button. This way any content considered inappropriate by users can be blocked to each individual’s preferences.

Once the content the client wants banned has been selected all websites related to these topics will be instantly shut off. An even simpler method has been worked into the filters. Content can be restricted based on age bands. The bands are categorised in the same way as films: PG - younger than thirteen, 13 - suitable for anyone aged thirteen and over and 18 - anyone older than 18 years of age. By selecting which category customers want to block it saves time, as specifically asking for troubling websites related to disturbing content to be banned can be time consuming.

Sky News Update

Users will also have a more detailed way to filter available content. Customers will be able to inset specific URLs, this way only specific websites customers feel are inappropriate to be viewed are blocked. This new filter system will ultimately, no matter which form of control is used, provide tighter restrictions on what can be viewed in each household. The filter will also protect other devices which can use Sky Broadband.

On these other devices it will protect against malicious sites containing viruses and phishing sites. Settings for the filters will be able to be changed at any point through their account with the firm. It doesn’t matter on location, users could be in their homes or out and remotely change the settings. They can also completely turn off on not use the filters.

If you are interested by this and would like to contact Sky for more information, please click here.

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