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Sky News Update: Open Movie Rentals

Sky Store Allows For Non-Subscribers to Rent Movies

Sky news update: Sky has made their Sky Store service, which rents and streams films, free to anybody with a sky account via YouView and Roku set top boxes.

Sky have recently, 4th December 2013, opened their doors to non subscription customers so that anybody can now stream and rent films from online stores for as little as 99p. Non Sky subscribers will now be able to rent and stream films from other services other than Now TV, services such as YouView and Roku will now host the Sky store. Old films such as Austin Powers will cost a minimum 99p, though may cost more, to watch whereas new releases can cost up to £3.49.

All rental films can be stored on their device for as long as they want though as soon as play has been pressed a forty eight hour timer starts, after this time the film will no longer be available. Film fans will no longer have to sign up to a set monthly fee to watch films from the Sky Store on their set top boxes such as YouView, Roku. The latest releases include huge household names such as Despicable Me 2 will only cost a reasonable £3.49 to rent, old films will cost 99p where as classics which include the likes of The Godfather will cost £1.99 to rent.

Sky News Update

In early 2014 the likes of White House Down, Captain Phillips and Rush will join the films already on the service which includes The Hangover Part III, Forrest Gump and Man Of Steel. To use the new service users must create a free Sky account. After that customers can visit the Sky Store website to stream films on a laptop or PC.

Alternatively they can use NOW TV, ROKU or YouView boxes. This new service puts Sky is a head to head competition with Blinkbox, Wuaki TV and Vdio., for market supremacy in the on-demand rental market. The current Sky Store catalogue isn’t quite up to the same standard as Blinkbox just yet. Blinkbox lists nearly 9,000 films that customers can chose from at any point where as the Sky Store is in the region of 1,200.

On top of this Blinkbox has apps on IOS and Android contrastingly Sky Store has no mobile apps at all. Since April 2010 Virgin have also offered a similar service but they only supply around 1,000 films. This new service follows the release of the NOW TV box this summer. This offers a subscription service of £9.99 a month. The new initiatives offered by Sky are part of their plan to make their content more available in the hope to attract more potential customers.

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