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Sky News Update: The broadcasting company are joining a group to promote Ultra HD Television within the United Kingdom, along with the BBC. The broadcasting and broadband provider company has become part of a group that aims to promote the uses and advantages of Ultra HD Television within the United Kingdom. This group has been compiled after the confusion experienced between consumers over the term HD Ready and therefore this group aims to make consumers more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of the latest technologies and what they are buying into. Many different people, from a vast range of worthy companies and organisations are involved within the project such as the BBC and the Digital TV Group. This therefore made the initiative an attractive one for Sky, who are also part of the group. The people involved in the project will also be analysing and evaluating if the United Kingdom, as a country, would benefit from Ultra HD Television and profile. People in favour of this, claim that future television will not only be of a much higher resolution, but it will also be a totally different experience to the present day, as well as reinvent the current market with new technologies. 4K televisions already exists, but they are extremely expensive and therefore out of the average consumer’s price range. However, many companies do offer their own version of the product and gives an idea of what the television experience will be like in future years. Being involved in a project like this will give Sky a key role to play and part within future television experience and technology. The company already has a great lot of knowledge about the industry and can therefore bring and communicate this to the promoting group. Being part of this project will also help to rise the broadcasting company’s image further and give them a higher sense of authority compared to their rivals who have not been involved with this or similar projects. This is especially important at this current time, as the company are experiencing a spout of extreme competition and rivalry with BT, after they announced the launch of their new sports channels. For this reason, the company need to set themselves apart and be involved with new projects that give them a more valued image. If you are a Sky customer and would like to know more information about their current ventures, products and services, then you can contact their customer services helpline, or alternatively visit their official website www.sky.com.

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  1. Lyzbeth - Reply    September 11 ,2015  

    Posts like this make the inenrett such a treasure trove

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