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Sky News Update: Sky and BT Pay

BT and Sky Race to WIn

Sky news update: Sky and BT are currently both competing to secure the most TV and telephone subscribers they can. This will have an impact on the economy. Sky and BT are in an unending marketing battle to gain the most pay-TV sports subscribers and mobile company’s campaigns for 4G services. This battle is predicted to boost the UK and Ireland’s advertising market by over £12 billion this year. ZenithOptimedia are one of the biggest media buying agencies operating within the UK. Their latest report suggests the UK’s advertising market has the potential to grow by over 2.5% this year and reach a staggering £12.58 billion. This is due to the increased spending on television and mobile phone adverts. It is only recently that BT and Sky have started to have an impact upon the market. ZenithOptimedia as recently as June were predicting a flat market this year until the recent surge causing the new prediction of 2.9% growth in the market. This on going battle for market supremacy has lead to strong backing for the 4G services of Vodafone and EE, these coupled with the extremely optimistic spending of car manufacturers has consequentially increased TV ad spend of 2013 to increase to £3.32 billion. The Smartphone and tablet market has also seen huge growth this year due to the influx of new products within the revolutionary market.

Sky News Update

Zenith stated that the mobile advertising market this year suffered several ‘false’ starts; however the recent surge has caused it to truly erupt worldwide. They believe that globally the market is going to increase by 77% from 2013 onwards. For companies such as Sky it provides major opportunities for investing in the near future. Despite the rapid growth of mobile advertising worldwide, it only accounts for a mere 2.8% of the worlds total advertising spending; being valued only at $14.3 billion of $503 billion. On the other hand it is predicted that the industry could more than double and be worth $33 billion by as near as 2015. Following this there could be even more rapid growth. If Sky or BT can become the main advertiser within the UK there is potential for huge profits per annual. Sky is already a major firm within the UK and Ireland when it comes to the television, telephone and broadband markets. They offer a range of services from, sports and movie channels, fibre optic broadband and multiple telephone offers. By investing in mobile advertising they will become an even bigger company which will have the potential to dominate many different markets within the UK. To receive Sky services, contact Sky TV and speak with a member of their customer services department.

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  1. Christian - Reply    September 12 ,2015  

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  2. Xaria - Reply    May 07 ,2016  

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  4. Brynell - Reply    May 09 ,2016  

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