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Sky News Update: Sky Launch My Special Day

Sky News My Special Day

Sky news update: Sky News have launched a new campaign to recognise the efforts and lives of young people by rewarding them a day with their sporting hero.

In a bid to acknowledge the lives of young people in the UK struggling with or who have recently over-come a life-threatening illness, Sky are using some of the influence they have in the sporting world to set up a meeting for children and their heroes.

Sky News will be hosting the events as well as filming them in order to broadcast the meeting on Sky News as a feature. They are advertising for five young people between the ages of 5 and 18 who have recently overcome or are currently suffering with a life-threatening medical condition and who have a particular sporting hero who they would like to meet.

The event is set to be called ‘My Special Day’ and the five young people who are chosen will get the chance to meet their sporting hero and spend the day forgetting about their illness and how it has affected their lives and focussing on having some fun with a person they admire. It might be that they previously played the sport that their hero has excelled in and prior to becoming seriously ill were on the same path but the illness has made it difficult for them to continue. This opportunity will allow them to live the life they expected to, even if it is just for the one day.

It has of course been titled ‘My Special Day’ because it aims to make the recipient feel extra special for that one day, and not to feel like a sick person or someone with a label attached to them that relates to their illness, they just are who they are but they get to enjoy the company of someone they admire.

Sky are such a major corporation who operate across the globe and across the whole span of genres for want of a better word – they broadcast documentaries, sports, movies, news, entertainment including art shows and music performances, they touch on everything. While this is designed to offer the chance to spend a day with your sporting hero, firstly their presence in the media world dictates that they have the ability to get whoever you want but also that this might not be the last time this happens. When schemes such as this one are first adopted, it cannot be guaranteed what the reaction will be but if it’s successful there will almost certainly be a repeat and then they might focus on movie stars…

If you know someone that you would like to nominate to receive this chance, visit the following link http://www1.skysports.com/watch/news/8882642/my-special-day. Or alternatively you can contact the Sky customer services department directly.

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