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Sky News Update: Updated Sky Sports App

Sky Improve Their iPad App

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: Sky are updating their sports App for the iPad to allow consumers to watch live football matches of their choice on a Saturday evening. Sky are set to update their current Sky Sports App for the iPad next month, to create a more efficient and functional viewing football experience for their consumer. Users will be able to choose a game they wish to watch from a selection of covered games that are shown on Saturday evenings and watch it live and as it all happens on their iPad from 10pm onwards. New features will include match highlights, live feeds, showing up to date scores and match results. The broadcasting company are also hoping to bring their unique Sky Sports 360 feature to the App, an element that is predicted to change the way people view sports but also to rival their major competitors and show they are one step ahead. Sky Sports 360 is a multi-camera angle highlights service that allows viewers to relive a goal from behind the net, or watch close up from the side of the pitch to see if the ball really did touch the line. The idea is that Sky consumers will feel more involved in the game and is something that has not been thought of or developed before. If this were to be included in the newly updated iPad App then this would enable a significantly more formative use than the previous version.

More Sky Updates

Detailed insider information will also be available for Sky Sports App users, so they can really start to understand and feel involved in the team’s tactics and strategies. For example, information such as squad formations, individual player statistics and continuous analysis on players will be made and available. Sky charge non-Sky subscribers just under five pounds per month to use the App, but those with a subscription are able to use the App for free. With the Premier League approaching, the major broadcasting company have launched this service just in time. People are subscribing to sport channel packages more than ever, in order to get involved with all the football action. Due to being in such tight competition with BT, the improvements to other services that Sky provide is a great way to keep customers and earn their loyalty. For more information on Sky and the services they have to offer you can visit their official website. In addition, to keep up to date with all the latest news on Sky, visit our news feed by clicking here.

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