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Sky News Wins RTS Channel of the Year

Sky News new correspondents

Good news for Sky today, as the company have been named the News Channel of the year at the annual Royal Television Society Awards, having seen off immense competition from the likes of CNN and BBC News, two of the biggest and most respected news organisations in the world. This victory marks the ninth time Sky have returned from the awards ceremony victorious in their category, breaking all records and truly giving Sky something worthwhile to crow about.

The news comes after the reveal that Sky had partnered with Snapchat to deliver 'editions' of its news to the service, which is primarily used by under 30s - precisely the audience that traditional news has been losing over the last couple of decades. With the rise of the Internet and social news platforms like Facebook, Twitter and 'listicle' websites like Buzzfeed, the traditional news forms of TV, radio and newspaper have been declining in form of more immediate and easily accessible news. By partnering with Snapchat, they'll be opening up their tough journalism to a younger audience with big, high resolution pictures and brief video clips to entice readers into a story before offering the full story.

Early reports from companies who have chosen to join in with Snapchat Discover are that they're receiving millions of new visitors who might have never visited their websites before, indicating a strong future between the two companies. Indeed, early indications through the Sky contact phone number

Elsewhere, Sky launched their 'In the Margins' programme on Sky News, which has been examining each of the 150 key marginal seats in the UK in the run up top 2015's general election, examining the effects of Westminster politics on the rest of the country and speaking to citizens about their concerns and voting intentions. This has tied in to Sky News' Stand Up and Be Counted campaign, which has sought to include young people in the political debate and give them a chance to pressurise and seek answers from politicians at the very top of the peak.

Between these two initiatives, it's not hard to see how Sky are outmaneuvering the likes of the BBC and CNN who haven't yet dared to step outside of traditional broadcasting in order to appeal to a different audience. Sky, on the other hand, are doing almost all they can to get younger viewers through the door and have been doing a good job at it. Not only that, but the standard of their reporting over the last year has been superb, regularly praised on the Sky phone number to pay bill and admired by other journalists around the country.

Indeed, if Sky can continue along this path their chances of expanding their reach beyond the UK and becoming a true worldwide news force.

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