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Sky Sports Update: Sky Coverage a Blessing to Cricket Fans


The cricket world is braced for a huge summer of competitions. Starting in May with the counterpart to England’s tour of New Zealand in February there was a two match series held at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London and then in Headingley, Leeds. This is closely followed by the last ever ICC Champions Trophy hosted across England and Wales at Edgbaston (Birmingham), Cardiff and The Kia Oval (London) and then hot on the heels of that, the first Ashes series of the year. The England boys will barely have time to breath between Ashes series this year as busy schedules have demanded that there be consecutive series, first in the UK and then in Australia just six months apart when usually they are played every 18 months. This busy schedule for the summer, along with the snippets of county cricket that they do opt to show means that rights to stream are in high demand. Well, you would think. Sky are proving to be somewhat of a saving grace for cricket fans as they are the only ones contracted to cover the matches – even highlights are few and far between with the Champions Trophy not being picked up by any terrestrial channels.

What Sky Offer

For Sky, this is not a problem. They pay for the rights to cover the matches live and they charge abhorrent sums to those who have no choice but to go with Sky if they want to follow the sport. Also, it means that they are obliged to cover absolutely everything. From the 6th of June until the final on the 23rd there is a match on almost every day. Furthermore, through the summer when the Ashes are being played there will be live coverage every day of every match – that’s approximately eight and half hours each day – plus additional analytic shows including Cricket AM, Cricket Writers on TV, The Verdict and so on. These ‘extras’ are there to promote the main show, create a buzz around the match and series and allow those who are not available to watch all day, every day to see a bit of the discussion about controversial decisions and the day’s action. In fact, Sky Sports 2 and it’s HD counterpart, at 6am on June 30th will become Sky Sports Ashes and Ashes HD and will offer 63 days of solid Ashes coverage. Sky Sports of course also deliver highlights shows as well but there is a massive gap in the market for these on terrestrial television. Channel 5 will be offering highlights through the Ashes series this summer and any other tour England take part in but other than that there is no coverage. The Champions Trophy is exclusively on Sky Sports and albeit very little, any county cricket that is covered, predominantly YB40 and FLt20 matches is aired only on Sky Sports.

The Market

This makes for an incredibly narrow market, if you are interested in watching cricket you have little to no choice about your service provider. It’s not a bad thing for the business because essentially Sky just take advantage of the gaps in the market, but they do offer exceptionally good coverage so customers rarely feel like they’re getting jipped. For more information on Sky Sports coverage of this summer's cricket use the Sky phone number to contact the customer service department directly.

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