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This extract was taken from The Guardian explaining Virgin Media's contract which has secured one of the Sky sports channels. The news was published on the 24/04/2013 and added via the website. This explains the different aspects of acquiring these channels and the implications from the other service providers. Virgin Media has secured the Sky Sports channels for the coming year, piling further pressure on BT to do a deal with the satellite broadcaster before the next football season begins in August. Virgin Media's agreement to carry Sky Sports 1 and 2 was negotiated in 2010 and due to expire this summer, but it is now expected to extend into next year. "We have surity through 2013," Virgin Media chief executive Neil Berkettsaid. "I'm comfortable with where we are in terms of continuity and surity of supply." By contrast, BT is struggling to agree terms to carry Sky's two main sports channels on its flagship YouView service. The telecoms group is mounting the biggest challenge yet to Sky's dominance in football by paying the Premier League £738m to show 38 Premier League matches a year for the next three years, and will launch its own sports channels this summer. BT has a deal until 2016 to carry Sky Sports 1 and 2 on its BT Vision box, but that service is being phased out in favour of YouView. TalkTalk has an ongoing deal to carry all of Sky's sports channels, meaning BT could now be the only major pay TV provider without the satellite broadcaster's top flight football on its flagship TV service during the coming season. "We're not really going after Sky sports customers," a BT spokesman said. "There are a lot of customers out there who are loyal to Sky and we'll be looking to sell them our service as well". BT will be able to distribute its channels via Sky dishes to both homes and pubs. In a sign of how telecoms and content are converging, it is thought Virgin and Sky have traded football for fibre-optic cables. Virgin announced Wednesday that it had struck a deal to rent its fibre 'backhaul' to the satellite group, helping carry internet traffic across its core network, although not as far as customers' homes, for which Sky still relies on BT. This story is not owned by 118 Enquiries Ltd and all rights to this story belong to The Guardian. Bookmark our news feed for more Sky updates. We always aim to keep you up to date with the newest and most relevant information to date. To call Sky, call the phone number listed on our Home Page

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