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Sky to Raise TV Package Costs

Sky to increase cost of bundles

Earlier in the year at the conclusion of the Premier League rights auction, many speculated that the outrageous sum of £4.2 billion that Sky would be paying out would eventually result in a cost increase for Sky customers. At the time, Sky said they would try to absorb as much of that cost as possible, using advertising to draw more customers into the company in order to offset the price. Today though, we have official word that the company will indeed be raising the cost of their packages, and not just Sky Sports - every package will see a price increase.

That decision has already drawn vast criticism from customers on the Sky number landline, who don't understand why they should foot the bill of Premier League games that they have absolutely no interest in watching in the first place. Sky have moved to address those concerns though, stating that the price increase is also to cover the cost of Sky's big new drama efforts like Fortitude, Penny Dreadful, Critical, Moone Boy and many, many more. There's also the matter of Sky's ongoing agreement with HBO, which see's Sky Atlantic flooded with the American pay-per-view channel's biggest programmes like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, as well as non HBO programmes like Mad Men.

The price increase will affect your bundles in the following ways:

- The 'Original' bundle will remain the same, and stay the cheapest bundle available to Sky customers.

- The 'Variety' bundle will increase in cost by £2 per month, up to £30.

- The 'Family' bundle will climb by £3 to £36 per month.

- The 'Sports' bundle will go up by £1 per month, making it £25.50 for existing Sky customers.

- The 'Movies' bundle will go up by 50p per month.

That means that for those who take the entire Sky package (minus HD and multiroom) will be paying an extra £6.50 per month, or £78 per year. That's a big increase for British homes, and many will still question why Sports bundle takers aren't absorbing the brunt of the increase, given the rights were purchased for their enjoyment alone. That being said, Sky are fighting a battle with Virgin over sports customers so raising their costs could be a disastrous move when compared to the still zero cost BT Sport.

The changes will come in from the June 1st and Sky say they will be notifying customers with a letter next month, who will doubtlessly vent their frustration via the Sky number from a Sky phone. Meanwhile, no plans have been announced to raise the cost of Now TV, meaning that it's becoming even better value for customers to cut the cord and simply stream their TV rather than have a dedicated box and satellite receiver for their home.

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