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Switching telephone and broadband provider is something that many households do to save money and get a better service. But it is not always straightforward. Many people have tales of high charges to switch lines or endless emails and phone calls just to complete what should be a simple procedure. This is Money’s Tony Hazell recently highlighted just one example of how switching from a Sky phone number can cause problems. The customer, a Mrs L G of Liverpool, had decided to move phone and broadband from Sky to Everything Everywhere (EE). But she then changed her mind and phoned EE to cancel, as well as phoning Sky to say that she wished to stay with them. This took place within around a week in the middle of February. On March 3rd her landline went dead. She phoned EE on her mobile and was told that, although they could see she had cancelled the move to them, the engineer had not been told. Sky said she would have to order a new landline and broadband service and would lose her phone number of 20 years. But the following day the landline was working again, yet Sky and EE both said they were not the provider. “It never ceases to amaze me how bad phone and internet companies can be at communicating with their customers — they’re supposed to be in the communications business, for goodness sake!” Mr Hazell said. He spoke to Sky on behalf of Mrs L G and was initially told that things were out of their hands because procedures to leave were started. In such cases the company must follow Ofcom guidelines and handed control to the new firm, EE. But they messed up by not cancelling the engineer. And from then, the lack of help on both sides made things worse. The situation has now been resolved by Sky and Mrs L G has been able to keep her phone number. Sky has apologised to her and sent a bunch of flowers, as well as offering six months’ half-price line rental, a credit on the account and a special Sky package. A Sky spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear about the difficulties our customer experienced getting Sky Talk and Sky Broadband reinstated following a switch to a new supplier.” EE also apologised for “any inconvenience caused by this administrative error” and sent a goodwill gesture.

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  1. Marlee - Reply    September 12 ,2015  

    Boy that relaly helps me the heck out.

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