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Team Sky Secure One-Two Finish In Italy

Team Sky Peter Kennaugh Dario Canaldo

Team Sky have secured themselves a one-two finish at the Settimana Coppi e Bartali race in Italy as Peter Kennaugh secures first and Dario Cataldo second.

Kennaugh featured as part of the Gold medal winning Team Pursuit team at the London 2012 Olympics and has now managed to secure the enviable sport of first place in the Settimana Coppi e Bartali. Securing a one-two finish for Team Sky is an exceptional feat to accomplish, but Team Sky as a whole managed to win four of the five stages.

Dan Frost, Team Sky Director, expressed his pleasure at securing these positions and described it as the ‘perfect end to a perfect week’ as well as describing how impressive it was that they were able to achieve such a level of success; “it’s like being in a dreamland, very uncommon so secure four of five stage wins” [sic].

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While Dario Cataldo secured a win in the final stage thanks to an eight second lead, and it was this which secured Team Sky the fourth stage win, Kennaugh simply had to play safe and make sure he made it over the line and got himself the top position.

Team-mate Chris Froome, having suffered an early crash, settled for sixth place but the crash ultimately did no real damage to the cyclist and he was able to carry on. Lieuwe Westra won the final stage in Barcelona in the Tour of Catalonia, while other team-mate Joaquim Rodriguez got himself an overall win in his native town.

Team Sky have featured in the headlines plenty recently as they suffered a series of set-backs to their respective tours having to put two competitors on Gardening Leave and having an unfortunate theft of some bicycles; a rather important piece of equipment. As for the two on gardening leave, this has been thanks to some anomalous drug test results during some off-season control tests. Team Sky have made the decision to investigate this themselves, much to the thrill of the governing body the UCI as it is the individual teams’ responsibility and in this particular circumstance could be assigned to the native training ground of one of the competitors – it is at high altitude.

Should you be interested in following the movements of Team Sky, please visit the Sky website at www.sky.com which has links and information for all of the Sky related products and services. This of course includes being able to read and watch all of the latest news on Team Sky. Alternatively you can contact the Sky customer service department using the information listed on this website: www.skycontactnumber.com

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